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Hammack Investment Bank is a micro banking system. We offers different types of financial services to our customers all over the world. We have multiple branches to provide different services such as Loan, Wire transfer, Long term deposit, savings and some other related services.






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Money Transfer

We offers you secure and easy transfer. Transfer money between users within a minutes.

Multi Currency

We supports multi currency. Bank conveniently with currencies of your choice.

Exchange Currency

We offer lowest exchange fee so you can exchange your currency anytime.

Fixed Deposit

We offers long term investment and you will get good interest rate after maturity.

Apply Loan

We offers different types loan with low interest rate. You can get a loan easily.

Payment Request

You can make payment request to you customer for any types of product or services.

Fixed Deposit Plans

You will get maximum rewards with us by making long term deposit



  • Duration 12 Month
  • Interest Rate 8.00 %
  • Minimum €10.00
  • Maximum €500.00
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  • Duration 24 Month
  • Interest Rate 10.00 %
  • Minimum €100.00
  • Maximum €1,000.00
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  • Duration 36 Month
  • Interest Rate 15.00 %
  • Minimum €500.00
  • Maximum €20,000.00
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  • Duration 60 Month
  • Interest Rate 25.00 %
  • Minimum €1,000,000.00
  • Maximum €50,000,000.00
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Loan Packages

We offers different types loan with low interest rate. You will get hassle free loan easily.

Student Loan

5.00 %

  • Term 24 Month
  • Interest Rate 5.00 %
  • Interest Type Flat Rate
  • Minimum €100.00
  • Maximum €1,000.00
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Business Loan

12.00 %

  • Term 12 Month
  • Interest Rate 12.00 %
  • Interest Type Mortgage
  • Minimum €1,000.00
  • Maximum €100,000.00
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Enterprise Loan

12.00 %

  • Term 36 Month
  • Interest Rate 12.00 %
  • Interest Type Mortgage
  • Minimum €5,000.00
  • Maximum €50,000.00
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We served over 500+ Customers

Kelli Webb

Kelli Webb

Hammack Investment Bank is safe, approachable and reliable. I'm always impressed with how quickly they respond to my needs and their staff is so pleasant to work with.

Frank & Vanessa Sherrill

Frank & Vanessa Sherrill

Hammack Investment bank website is easy to use, and the security safeguards provide peace of mind that my information is protected. While working out of state, it's nice to have banking options.

Jewel R. Ford

Jewel R. Ford

Hammack Investment Bank has a lot of great people that are truly building a culture that is both very respected and revered. A majority if not all of my touches with Hammack associates could be defined as best in class for any customer facing organization.

Henry L. Koerner

Henry L. Koerner

The friendly atmosphere at my local Hammack Investment Bank is so inviting. The employees are really sweet and treat you like family. I know I can count on them for a quick resolution if any account issues arise. I love how much they care!

Maryann B. Hogg

Maryann B. Hogg

Hammack Investment Bank has contributed to our success in a variety of ways. While handling purchase and sale transactions, Treasury Management is always there to make sure wires go through and that we keep our clients properly informed. We feel comfortable referring our clients to Hammack Investment Bank, because we know from our own experience that they're trustworthy.